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Latino Values and Leadership

Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement:Building Latino Careers
June 23, 2006

Chicago, June 23, 2006. Cristina Benitez, President of Lazos Latinos, Latino Branding and Advertising spoke to a full session at the 24th annual Career Conference in Chicago. The goal of HACE is to incubate and nurture Latinos at all stages of the career continuum with a comprehensive program of career development.

Ms. Benitez spoke about Latinization – the process whereby the Latino culture, values and trends are transforming the United States. She highlighted the cultural values of family, determination, respect, diversity, culture and passion and demonstrated how these values - that are part of the Latino soul - build those characteristics that make outstanding leaders.

“Thank you Cristina for presenting Latinization…Latino Values and Leadership; we need more leaders like yourself to inspire the future Superstars”. Commented Steve Marcial of HACE.




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