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Lazos Latinos Launches Facilitel

phoneChicago, IL
(September 6, 2000)

Advances in telecommunications technology are bringing new advantages that directly benefit the consumer. Lazos Latinos, a Chicago-based Latino branding and strategic planning company is doing all radio, TV and outdoor, as well as collateral materials and public relations for ATS Services. Lazos Latinos developed all corporate and brand messaging, including the name for the product, Facilitel, an innovative in-home phone service system. Facilitel functions on a prepaid basis, and it is a convenient, economic and totally accessible way to obtain in-home phone service.

Lazos Latinos will launch Facilitel, a service specifically directed to the Chicagoland Hispanic market, this month. "ATS Services is introducing Facilitel, an in-home phone service on a prepaid basis for those people who are unable to obtain telephone services through traditional providers," said Cristina Benitez, President of Lazos Latinos.

"Moreover, the service provided by Facilitel does not require a credit check or a deposit, and it includes a free while, while supplies last," said Rick Connor, President of ATS Services.

Additionally, ATS Services wants to support the Latino community by establishing the distribution of Facilitel through strategic alliances with distributing partners that will include Hispanic businesses and community agencies. The not-for-profit organizations will be selected because they are renowned and recognized for their presence and their work within the Hispanic community. The 'community' distributors for Facilitel will benefit because ATS Services will give back to the organizations a portion of the sales for the service.


Lazos Latinos is a Latino branding and strategic planning company based in Chicago. Cristina Benitez, President and Founder, started the company two years ago with the mission of building leadership brands by embracing, understanding and respecting the Latino consumer.

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