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Companies that "Get It!"

Understand Where to Find Top Latino Talent and How they Think

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Jump Start Your Access to the Latino Market . . . Hire Latino Talent!

By: Abe Tomás Hughes, II - Chairman, Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE)

As companies become increasingly aware of the large and growing $600 billion Latino market, the savvy players are determining how to create effective programs to access this market or maintain a strong presence with this emerging group. The latest official census numbers indicated Latinos are now 37.5 million and growing, surpassing African Americans as the largest minority group in the country. How can you best access and sustain a leadership presence that will grow with this market?

Strategic and resourceful companies are realizing that long-term leadership in this market begins by building a base of Latinos professional talent within the company. Latinos with cultural and language competencies are the best individuals to understand the complex and multi-faceted mindset of the Latino. As they bring unique insights to the organization, they not only serve to educate management internally about their cultural heritage, they also serve to spearhead efforts to devise creative programs in marketing, sales and other areas that will meet the needs of Latinos.

Companies that "Get It!"

Walgreens, the nation's largest pharmacy retailer, with thousands of Hispanic employees, understands this phenomenon well and for the past three years has worked diligently to begin building its strategy for Latino diversity within its management and executive ranks of this traditional Midwestern company. Other traditional companies such as Caterpillar, Inc., the nation's second largest exporter, recognize the value that diversity brings to an organization and considers this to be one of its nine critical factors for success. Within Latino professionals, CAT has realized the cultural and language skills they bring to the table are perfect for their global needs.

Needles in a Haystack

Before you run off to begin your Latino professional recruitment, the first thing to note is that finding highly qualified professionals may be like finding needles in a haystack. You will need to be incredibly strategic and innovative in your search. With only 11% of the adult Latino population holding a Bachelors degree, finding talent in this ethnic community is often challenging, but not impossible. Luckily, a few organizations exist like the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) that serve to provide companies and other large employers with large pools of professional talent by producing numerous year-round activities and events that provide you access to top professionals.

Understand Where to Find Top Latino Talent and How they Think

Top Latino talent typically does not plug into the traditional and mainstream avenues for recruitment such as executive search firms. Most prefer to rely on personal networks and word-of-mouth introductions to hear of career opportunities they would like to pursue. Furthermore, you should know that the interview styles of Latinos differ markedly from the mainstream. Latinos do not typically boast excessively and have a hard time with the hard sell and in-your-face approach to interviewing. Don't be fooled by the understated presence - behind the façade is usually a strong willed, determined and effective Latino professional you should get to know and hire.

For further information on Latino professional recruitment and retention and HACE's upcoming 19th Annual Career Conference in Chicago, please visit the HACE website at, via email at or through a traditional phone call at (312) 435-0498.



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