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Internatitonal Latino Cultural Center of Chicago Brand

Latino International Cultural CenterChicago, IL
(April 27, 2001)

The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago unveiled its new branding and theme, Punto de Encuentro, during the Opening Night Ceremonies of the 17th Annual Latino Film Festival at the Art Institute of Chicago. Cristina Benitez, President of Lazos Latinos, presented the new identity to a sell out crowd of 700 before the opening night film, Lista de Espera.

The new design Punto de Encuentro, reflects the center's mission which is to develop, promote and increase awareness of Latino cultures among Latinos and other communities through film and video events, education, and other art forms. Cristina Benitez explained that, "The ILCC is a meeting point for all Latinos and non-Latinos to experience the richness of the diverse Latino cultures. Because of the variety of art forms, this Pan Latino cultural center serves to bring people together and promote the history, art, dance, drama and film of our countries, it is a Point of Encounter."

Pepe Vargas, Founder and Executive Director of the International Latino Cultural Center, stated, Punto de Encuentro reflects our desire to share and promote thewonderful talents of our heritage. We are proud to be the Punto de Encuentro (Point of Encounter) and we are committed to growing this vision so that people from all over the United States and the world will be able to experience Latino richness.


Based in Chicago, Lazos Latinos, is a Latino Branding and Advertising Agency, providing expertise in understanding the Latino consumer. With more companies seeking to address the Hispanic market, Lazos Latinos provides insights and strategic direction to reach Latinos who respond most effectively when addressed in a manner which validates their cultures. For more information on Lazos Latinos, contact them at (312) 280-1224.

The Chicago Latino Cinema was founded in 1987 as a nonprofit organization committed to promoting Latino culture and fostering understanding between Latinos and other Americans. This was achieved primarily through the Chicago Latino Film Festival. On July 24, 1999, Chicago Latino Cinema changed its name to the International Latino Cultural Center (ILCC) in order to accurately depict the organization's mission.

ILCC has also produced, directly or in cooperation with other organizations, more than 25 cultural events including comedy, dance, music, poetry, theater and visual arts exhibitions. The Chicago Public School, Chicago Public Library, universities and corporations, both locally and nationally, utilize the Chicago Latino Film Festival video library as educational tools within their organizations. Through increased programming of cultural and educational activities, ILCC will continue to expand and diversify its audience with plans to build the first state-of-the-art facility in the nation to house worldwide Latino culture. For more information contact the ILCC a (312) 431-1330 or visit the website at