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Latino TV Programming
By Cristina Benitez
January 22, 2001

In a move that signals the continued growing influence of Latino youth culture on traditional media, Nickelodeon has announced that it will run some of its commercials partly in Spanish.

Nickelodeon, hoping to tap into a growing number of bilingual Spanish kids, has been very receptive to Latino-themed shows including "The Brothers Garcia", "Dora the Explorer", and the most recent which premiered on Sunday, January 14 "Taina." Maria Perez-Brown, creator of "Taina," describes the storyline in the January 21, New York Times Sunday Magazine. "Taina is a 15 year old Latina, living in New York and struggling with a traditional family and contemporary mores." Unlike many of the other Latino themed programs, this one appears to have a much broader crossover appeal.

Sesame Workshop is also developing a Latino-themed show for young audiences. The renowned children’s programmer has announced that among its shows in development is "The Milagro Family," a half hour series focusing on a Puerto Rican family and their neighbors in New York. The show is aimed at an audience of kids from eight to twelve.