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flourish Latinization Harnessing Latino Influence and Growth

Latino Empowerment and Leadership

Latinization delivers Latino value analysis and Hispanic market expertise providing companies the strategies to develop, empower and maximize their growing Latino employee base.

A dynamic, one-hour presentation for companies seeking to empower their Latino employees - suitable for Human Resources, Management, Latino Affinity Groups and Hispanic Heritage events.      Latinization – Harnessing Latino Influence and Growth is a culturally sensitive approach to elicit the greatest contribution from your Latino employees.

Cristina Benitez is President of Lazos Latinos, a branding, advertising and Latino empowerment company. With over twenty years in Hispanic marketing with Fortune 500 companies, Cristina has held management positions in New York and Chicago with Grey Advertising and Draft. In 1998 she founded Lazos Latinos, a Latino branding and advertising company and in 2005 added Latinization – to develop Latino empowerment.  Her bilingual and bicultural life experience and passion for Latino growth in the United States make her a dynamic and compelling speaker for companies seeking to inspire their Latino employees. She is currently writing her first book – Latinization…Insights into Latino Values, due for publication in spring of 2007.

Ms. Benitez will conduct a 30-minute conference call with your company to understand the size, function and needs of your Latino employee sector.  Based upon your company’s specific needs, Lazos Latinos will create a customized presentation to address how to increase your Latino employees’ contribution to your organization.

Latinization – Harnessing Latino Influence and Growth will:

  • Highlight the importance of corporate cultural sensitivity.
  • Discuss Latino values that contribute to being a good leader.
  • Analyze factors within the Latino culture that affect someone’s ability to lead.
  • Enhance Latino employee definition of leadership.
  • Empower your Latino employee base.

Additional Service:  Hispanic Readiness Assessment. This analysis will evaluate your company’s ability to service the Latino customer in terms of corporate cultural sensitivity, language, in-bound communication and fulfillment.

"Cristina Benitez employs a presentation style that seamlessly weaves strategic insight, anecdotes, case studies, and interactive activities with practical applications that enhance participant learning and retention. Her depth of knowledge and authentic passion enable her to connect with audiences on a very personal level.” – Rose Mary Bombela-Tobias and Murray A. Mann, Authors, Barron's The Complete Job Search.